About Nina

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Nina is from Eastbourne, East Sussex and has been a sensitive all her life. She is a registered, accredited and insured teacher of Holistic and Crystal Healing with the Scottish Holistic Healing Association. Eastbourne is a lovely seaside town, with people of varying ages. Since moving to Eastbourne, Nina has helped many people, with their spiritual development, guiding, helping and enabling them make their own life decisions.
Nina has worked with spirit for many years developing her self and helping others. All consultations are conducted in the utmost confidence, allowing the sitter to feel safe and relaxed.

Nina offers spiritual guidance, and counselling, tarot readings, holistic healing and spiritual development. Like many people she has suffered the turmoil’s of life, which has brought her closer to the divine spirit. Her lessons in life have given her the knowledge and empathy to help others on their pathway. Life’s lessons are not the easiest to learn and through development we are more able to understand and deal with these lessons.
Nina understands that life brought her to Eastbourne to enable her to help those that need it most.



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