Holistic and Crystal Healing

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Holistic Healing is completely non-invasive, and complements any other treatment that you may be having. It is an alternative therapy and has the ability to enhance other treatments.
Holistic and Crystal Healing is a natural process that promotes better health.

The Healer channels the healing energies from the Universe through to you. It re-energises and relaxes you, so that your natural resources are able to deal with the illness or injury in the best possible way.


In addition to its value in relieving pain and restoring function, healing is also noted for initiating improvements in attitudes, clarity of thought and in quality of life. Stress is a great cause of disease, and through healing whether by another person or through meditation, you can relax your body and in so doing get the energies to flow more freely.
Working with Crystals helps to enhance the healing power, allowing you to direct the energies to the area it is needed.


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